Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remove your labels number

This is the tuorial how you do to remove the number at the label.

First what is labels?
Labels is the labels that categorized your post. Every post with the same label will count as one label. The count label will show how much the post that using the same labels.
where is the blog labels?
You can find it at your blog side bar. Usually it looks like this.ex: label1 (5)
that mean there is 5 post that labeled as label1

Sometime that numbers show and broke your template design. And this is what you do to remove that number.
  • Login blogger
  • Design >> edit HTML >> mark the "expand widget templates"
  • find (<data:label.count/>)
  • >delete that code.
  • save

Now previeew you template. There is no number again beside your labels.

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