Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adsense Ready Template

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With this template you can post the comments almost like wordpress style.
Do not need to open in new window or tab. Even the comments get easier to use.

Adsense ready template design for those who love making money online by google adsense.

Semi 3 columns blogger template. 2 split columns for the sidebar.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Premium Adsense Ready Blogger Templates

Premium adsense ready template for blogspot. This is an wordpress style template in blogspot. This template has 3 semi columns. You may modified the Sidebar by replacing with your own ads. But we don't recommend you to remove the gadget/page elements on the side bar. We afraid that will cause some errors.

Download the premium adsense ready free template for blogspot. Increase your adsense earn by use the right template for your blogspot.

Don't forget to change the FEEDURLADDRESS inside the template HTML code

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Arthemia Blogger Template Free

Arthemia blogger template is a multicolumn template for cms site. Michael jubel hutagalung is the designer of this template.

What is Arthemia blogger template?
Arthemia is one of the famous template in wordpress. Now you can use arthemia template for free.

Now you can use arthemia premium for free for blogspot. Arthemia template is available in blogger platform.

Arthemia template, blogspot arthemia, arthemia template for blogspot, free download arthemia template for blogger, arthemia free download. Another free and quality template is here.

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update: this template was made by michael jubel hutagalung

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas template collection

Christmas template collection
Christmas template collection Here is another christmas template for your blog, this template was taken from templatesblock.com . for another question about this template please visit templates block dot com. You may download this template here for free. Click here to download this chrsitmas template.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

my cousin and Total video converter 3.61 SN

Total video converter 3.61 serial number and my cousin. He come to my house yesterday bring some snack into my room. Meanwhile i went to garden and left him in the room alone.

he turn on my computer and watch some movies there. He would like to transfer some transformer video froom my computer into his ipod. he asked me how to do that. I said that he have to use Total Video converter 3.61 at the computer.

But some problem there because there is no serial number. Then he try to browse some number and he found


i don't know and hope this number will works for him. i hope..

How to skip Timer 4shared

How to skip timer on 4shared.

4shared gives you free file to download, but sometime you have to waste your time waiting the timer. This is how you do to reset the timer. So you don't have to wait anymore.

Doraemon ending story

Doraemon is a comic that written by Fujiko f fujiko from japan. We are all know that doraemon is a funny comic story. But if you still not read the last episode, here is the last epidose for doraemon comic. Sorry for the language, i found it in bahasa.

Handphone Protector

handphone is the stuff that is always attached in your pocket. This m obile is a common item , but that does not mean it is not w...