Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Delete Undeepfreeze

How to delete deepfreeze from your computer. I browse and find this software and trust me this is really works to delete deepfreeze from your computer. Download the deepfreeze uninstal here.

The story begin when i leave my computer on my desk and when i'm back i found someone had instal deepfreeze in my computer. I know that i can't save my works again and i can do nothing with my computer again.

I'm afraid if i re installing the OS i will lose all of my works. Other way, what if someone had instal a spy program in to my computer? 

Then i go to internet cafe near my house and i found this program. I hope it will help me, and the truth is yes. It works. Now the deepfreeze is gone and i start to scan my computer from spying activity. And now i can use my computer like before. 

I hope i can help someone out there who had a same case like me. 

Download here

Adsense banned

There are many adsense publishers that receive mail from google. It said that the publisher got banned from google adsense. That happen not only for one person, but a few months ago thousand publisher talks about this.

As we know google didn't explain the cause. And guest what, i'm also got banned. (sad)

Until now i don't know why this happen to me. Because i'm using adsense and use the adsense TOS as my guide. 

Many people say that the europe economic situation made this. Beside that google loose their profit because facebook also take a huge number advertiser to advertise on their site. And many reason else.

After this case, i make a decision to make another publisher account.

I choose adbrite. Maybe not as much as google adsense earn. but have some variation in publishing ads. example like an ads inside a post (almost like a link). I start using adbrite and it's not bad. :)

Try adbrite now, and don't put your egg at one basket. So if you broke one, you still have another one. Good luck :)

Handphone Protector

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