Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Rainbow template

Free download rainbow theme layout for blogspot Download rainbow dark for your blogspot here.

How to instal:
Login | design | edit HTML | upload this extract file | save.

make backup first before use this one.

click here to download the file

Monday, July 05, 2010

Novinture for blogspot

Download novinture for blogspot.

What is novinture?Novinture is a new template from bloggertricks that have a lot of tricks implemented inside the template. This is the latest template that u can found on blogger tricks.

What is the different novinture with other template?
Here you can use a great tricks, so you do not have to modify again your template like usually you did. 4 columns footer is one of the additional plus tricks.
Many automatically system inside novinture.

Try this template. You can download here.


Almost spring template

Download almost spring template for blogspot.

What is almost spring?
almost spring is a famous wordpress template. This template is one of default layout on wordpress.

Now almost spring also can use in blogspot platform. Click here to get yours.

Please notice that the almost spring in not originally made here. We only redistribute this template. There are no change made at the footer credits. What we found is what we share.

Dark theme blogspot

Free download dark theme. Download dark theme for blogspot. Get your dark theme here for free.

Click to download theme.

2 columns, dark dominant color and thanks to the designer. find who at the footer theme. ;)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Super mario free blogger template

Super mario template for blogspot. Download the new template for your blogspot with super mario style. Click here to download this template (10K, ZIP)

Super mario template is broad to you by ezwpthemes. Thank to this site because provide the new template to the world. don't forge to visit them.

Super mario template working at mozila and chrome. Please make some backup if you use this super mario template.

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