Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harleem style

hahaha lol. I've just seen some funny dance on youtube. It's called harleem shake. Almost like gangnam style psy, but the different this shake has no choreography .

Now i'm thinking to make my new version of harleem shake with mars planet background haha.

Still bout SEO, this page of harleem shake written there.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Adbrite closed service scam

This is a bad news for now.

After years using their services now adbrite decided to close services. Gosh i lose many cash there.  This message I've got from my mail. And i think all of us disappointed from now. #hammerface.

Let see our mailbox, find of you got this message too.

After open their site, it said 404 page not found #angry

So open up your heart and let all the money goes away.

And other scam listed here is ziddu. After 2008 and first payment about $10, now ziddu delete their earning stats. Oh gosh.. another M***ER F**KER scam.

This make me sure google adsense still the trusted site for earning some cash. even tough now it's difficult to make a new account.

Others, sorry for being late to update this blog. Still looking the best idea for a new topic (trending topic) aha.

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