Friday, March 22, 2013

How to survive with your blog

Keep your blog with original content. Do not copy others and put it in to your site. It just wasting your time. But it's true you could have a tons of article when you do that. Just write whatever you want and post it. It's enough to keep your blog alive for a years.

Just remember google loves the original site. Write your own idea and create a creation of words and feel alive again ;D

I know you write english better than me. But i try my best to write an original content. I need about 30 minutes to write this sentences. haha.

But my advice to keep your blog alive is keep write an original mind. Post it.

I tell you about my 2 sites. One site use an original content and the other just copying from another site (don't try again;p). And the different is after one years the original site still on the first page on google search, and the website that copying article is gone from the search engine.

That prove that a blog using an original content survive more than a copy site.
Keep post your idea ;)

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