Monday, January 31, 2011

How to transfer photo from Ipod to PC

This tutorial and story should help you how transfer photo from ipod to computer
this is how you should do.

  • DownloadCopytrans from
  • see videos tutorial below to learn using this coptrans

    Video tutorial transfering photos from ipod

  • This is the easiest way to transfer photos inside ipod to your pc.
Yes i know, they ask you to register their program. But sorry i can't give you the serial because need some money.

Another story related may help you:
Yesterday my grandson come to my house and bring iphone to my house. He toke my picture using his iphone. After that i saw him transfering photos to his pc. Beside that i saw him to using crack for somekind of software named cooptyrans photos for windows. the version maybe 2.64

he download crack for cooptyrans 2.64 it from

i think he was a great son. Do you??

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