Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Delete Undeepfreeze

How to delete deepfreeze from your computer. I browse and find this software and trust me this is really works to delete deepfreeze from your computer. Download the deepfreeze uninstal here.

The story begin when i leave my computer on my desk and when i'm back i found someone had instal deepfreeze in my computer. I know that i can't save my works again and i can do nothing with my computer again.

I'm afraid if i re installing the OS i will lose all of my works. Other way, what if someone had instal a spy program in to my computer? 

Then i go to internet cafe near my house and i found this program. I hope it will help me, and the truth is yes. It works. Now the deepfreeze is gone and i start to scan my computer from spying activity. And now i can use my computer like before. 

I hope i can help someone out there who had a same case like me. 

Download here

1 comment:

  1. deepfreeze kills online game patches for warnet. useful for office environment


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