Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Read More Tutorial [Another hot tricks]

Modifying read more at your blog

What is read more?
Read more is an additional script that added to your blog to split the post in to two parts. In other word, read more cut your post and hide half more. This tricks automatically increase your hit stats.

How can i use read more tricks?
There is tons of tutorial at google that provide you how to make your own read more tricks.

Here is some trick for you who want to modify your read more template..

  • As usually, login blogger first
  • Design
  • Edit HTML
  • mark the expand widget templates
  • find your read more word inside the template.
    It could be read, more, read more, etc. It's according to what word you made before.
  • insert script below after the "read more" text

  • done
You can modify this tricks with your own style.
be CreAtive ;)

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