Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FLV player for nokia

How to play FLV files from your nokia phone?

This is what you have to do. First you need to download nokia flv player.

Click here to download file

Then copy the files in to your memory card phone, in this case the sample is nokia N73 music edition.

Install the sys files into your phone. Just follow the installation wizard to complete this step.

After doing that, now you can copy your FLV files into your media storage. And now you can play your FLV files direct from your nokia phone without converting anymore.

Anyway, you need to remember this software will decrease your battery faster than before.

And for all that ask what is FLV files?
This is a video format that usually get by download video from youtube. Another site related also provide the same format (FLV) when you download the video.

Do you need help how to download FLV (Video from youtube)?
read here to the rest how..

1 comment:

  1. wow u've made my work much simpler...thanx
    ages ago i was always looking for my nokia flv player.


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