Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Create own template on blogspot

Read here how to make your oen template on blogspot.

How To Create Your Own Blogger Template Theme | BradBlogging
Do not forget to reference blogger templates that have already been created for the required widgets that you are supposed to put in certain spots. ...

And now learn how to make a Blogger template from scratch
The current goal: learn how to make a Blogger template from scratch. It's a new good idea.

Blogger Template Design free Create Blogger Template and Layout
With blogger template designer you can create your blogger template and layout easily. You can make your blogger template instantly even if you are new on blogspot.

Video Tutorial How Make a Simple Blogger Template without HTML in 5 Minutes
And Inside this tutorial someone will teach you how to make a simple layout for without using HTML within 5 minutes. It's very simple. Try it.

How To Make your blog template Work.
Blogspot template designing, codings and everything in .... kindly visit my earlier post on Adding Favicon To Your Blogger Blog. ...

Read for another tutorial for blogspot

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While comments maybe u would like to download another Blogger Templates Or Tricks ?? :)

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