Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anti logger tips

Prevent your computer from keylogger

Nowadays, there is many software that used to stole password. Usually they stole the facebook password to get the poker chips.

Most of them are using keylogger to stole user password.

This is how you can protect your self from this case.

  • Usually keylogger installed in office, internet cafe, rent and other public service using computer. If you are using public computer, make sure to see there is no additional hardware connected to keyboard.

  • If no additional hardware found there, use virtual keyboard when you insert/type an id and password. (start >> all programs >> accessories >> Accessibility >> ON Screen Keyboard [winXP]).

  • You also can found if there is keylogger installed inside by using software called KL-Detector.

  • Use KeySrambel Personal if you are use mozilla firefox, IE and flock.

    Hope you are help with this tutorial

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