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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dota latest map 6.59 d

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dota latest map is the 6.59 version. Warcraft dota have a new balance of bugs is fixed.

Dota latest map source taken from getdota dot com. Download the latest original map from dota official website at

Should i download the 6.59 d map from getdota?
Yes, you should. because there is a lt of h4cked map version all over the web.

Dota map 6.59 info:
date 20/03/2009
language: english
file size: 3.22 MB

Dota map has a lot of version. Before use this map, you also can use the previous map version (6.57 b).

Do i need to pay to download this map?
No. This is totally 100% free to download.

Any tips can be posted here. Don't forget to share us if you have already use this. Regards :)

Click here to go to official website


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