Thursday, March 05, 2009

Solving BX Error XML Blogger Template

I found an error when uploading new template. BX-error How to solve BX-Bliced Error Blogger problem?   This error caused by some error on new template. But don't worry, now you can fix it.

Clearing all cache or cookies on the browser will help some errors.

But if this didn't work, follow this steps below:
  1. Open your template using Notepad or Wordpad (Wordpad is recommended)

  2. Then find Widget ID on the template using Ctrl+F

  3. Find b:widget id='example1

  4. Replace the number and the result become b:widget id='example7

  5. Replace all widget id inside the template

  6. Save and upload your template. Done 

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  2. didnt work for me

  3. Get more Blogger Tricks and tips and widgets...



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