Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vector Blogger Template

if you are blogger you should try this blogger vector template. This is suitable for you who love 3 columns template. This is one of the most well known vector layout for blogspot.

Download | Preview

When using template, please make sure to backup all of the scripts or widget you have used inside layout. Uploading template without any backup is highly not recommended. Anyway, if you wanna change the text image on the header, you may download here. Don't forget to replace the image source on the template.

Please feel free to leave us a question.


  1. thank you.

    the DOWNLOAD link is incorrect.

  2. Thanks amit .

    The download link is fixed

  3. Thanks again. The template is really complete, include with the PSD header image so i can use my own text. Good job -Hancook mode /ON/-


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