Thursday, October 09, 2008

Subscribe link inside labels

Maybe some of you guys have use feedburner for subscriber. Here is some tricks how to insert your subscribe link address inside or after labels. Or we can say 'subscribe blogger inside labels'

How to put subscribe link inside label blogspot?
  1. Login blogger

  2. Edit HTML, Expand Widget Templates

  3. Insert your feed url after lables loop. See image below

  4. Change feed ID into your feedId number

  5. Done.. and your link will looks like below

Any question or suggestion?? Please feel free leave us some.

If you have some problem inserting scripts, please read how to insert script into blogger template here


  1. I think i should write more about feedburner

  2. Yes you do. Keep writing more

  3. Get more Blogger Tricks and tips and widgets...



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