Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nokia Flv player (Reserved Article)

Today my inbox was full of a question from another site that ask 'How to play FLV in nokia N73'. Now here is what you do to play FLV using your cellular phone..


Download nokia flv player here

Screen phone resolution must not exceed 320x240 px
Flash 7

Supported phone: Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB,Nokia N93,Nokia N82,Nokia N75,Nokia N73,Nokia N73 ME,Nokia E50,Nokia E51,Nokia E65,Nokia E61,Nokia E61i,Nokia 6120 Classic

Nokia N95 flv player, Nokia N95 8GB flv player,Nokia N93 flv player,Nokia N82 flv player,Nokia N75 flv player,Nokia N73 flv player,Nokia N73 ME flv player,Nokia E50 flv player,Nokia E51 flv player,Nokia E65 flv player,Nokia E61 flv player,Nokia E61i flv player,Nokia 6120 Classic flv player

License info:
-Mobitubia, Copyright Siitiphol Phanvilai
- libavcodec, Copyright FFmpeg team

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