Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blogger page list (Showing the tittles only)

Displaying blog content is more effectively than show all the categories content only. In the previous post, we have learn how to show blog title sort by the labels/category.

There is a little weak found there because if some one click on the show all post they will open the longest blog page all over the world ;p. Your post will shown all without any separate and complete with the content. Imagine how someone could read or load the blog, especially the blog that have hundreds of posts.

This is how you can handle this problem.

Make a hyperlink inside your blog direct to

http://{YOURBLOGSPOTURL.blogspot.com}/search?max-results={NUMBER OF POST WILL SHOWN}

TO help your blog load faster, we recommend you to insert the HTML inside page elements (Links, HTML/Javascript)

Your page list is ready to use ;)

How to make a blogger page list, complete blogger tutorial how to lists all your post without error, easy add a blog page list in two hot steps.

If you have any question please feel free to leave us some, thanx ;)

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