Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tracking your blog visitors

'Tracking blog visitors'

Working without blog trackers is like working without reports. Don't know the visitors numbers, didn't know where they are come from. Where is my popular page? Who refer them to come to my blog? What country is it?

All the questions will answer here.

As seen here, this blog using sitemeter for the metering. I love to read the report daily, weekly, monthly.

Tracking blog visitor

This is another popular website tracker. The owner is the young entrepreneur, one of the millionaire boy.. Whoaa how lucky you are :)

Tracking blog visitor 2
When register to this service, you will get some HTML code and you are freely to place it wherever you like on the blog.

The simple way is to place the 'visitor track code' into the page elements.
Add page elements - HTML/Javascript - and Your script goes there.

That is more than enough to see the last activity from your blog.

Another way is using googleanalytics or google webmaster tool fro more advance.

So let the statistic is talking.

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