Thursday, August 28, 2008

Removing public ads service from adsense

'How to remove public ads service from adsense?'

First, what is public ads service in adsense?
PAS (Pubic Ads Service) is the ads that displayed inside your site (adsense publisher) and you will get nothing if someone is clicking your ads.

Why Public ads service come to my site?
Because you are not using the language that google adsense support ; or you are using an forbidden categories article like an adul* and s*x.

How can i solve this problem?
By adding the script below, you will not see any Public ads service again on your site even you are using your national language that unsupported by google adsense.

(image taken from the web)

Is there any penalties if i modified my google adsense script?
YES!! If they were know, or someone reporting them, you will got banned forever ;P


  1. kenapa gak pakek bahasa indonesia mbak...biar mudah di mengerti...sondonx

  2. Karena ada iklan inggrisnya. jadi biar agak nyambung dikit yah ditulis dalam inggris dunks..

    tapi kalau ada yang kurang dimengerti ahrap maklum aja yah :)

  3. Thank you, this post is useful for me. :)

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