Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to make Tab view blogger

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blogger tricks how to make tab view in blogspot
Click here to use this widget at your blog. Make tab view in blogger.

Blogger tab view is a great widget to save your blog dimension. Use it to make your blog looks like pro blogger. When u use blogger tab view, you will see some different looks. For every bloggers, design is very important. Why? Because design show to others your capacity.

Tab view blogger also save your widget bar. Just use this scripts to make a tabview at your blog. Don't worry for every error, because this scripts was tested before.

But if you are afraid to use tab view, just make backup first, and the problem is solved. Ok guys, enough for this sh**. Just open the tab view blogger tutorial here.

sorry the link is broken.. shame on me ( later to fix this)


  1. I want 4 tabs. But i'm not able to get it with your widget.Any soultion?

  2. Hi those who want to create multiple tabs plz visit my blog

  3. Yess.. . . .finally i found this.

  4. how to create the 4th tab??

  5. thanks for the great info.. i will use it in my technology blog.

  6. Thnaks for post i was looking for this information for my blog.

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  9. This is really nice and informative for bloggers. I hope I can also be helpful from this post.


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