Friday, August 22, 2008

Hacking Blogspot: How to save your flagged blog

'Hacking blogger: how to save blocked account in blogspot'

This blog has been blocked or flagged or anything you say for three months. I don't know what is exactly the causes but for that time this blog can't accessed by everyone except me as the authors.

The blogger say that my blog can't access because the blogger Term of Service.

After deleted all my post and contact them, I'm still got nothing, no answers and no reply.

I'm confuse because at that time this blog have PR 3 and that is so price for me. So i just thinking and still write article on other blog until i found the way how to 'save my blog from being blocked'.

Before use this idea, first i create a dummy blog and make two post as the content. And then i delete the blog and make the same blog again with the same blog address.

The result is perfect. I smile and decide to use it in this blog.

That's way you find a little post only at this blog and if you check more, you will find page rank 3 here.

This is just a story of blogging, you may believe or no. Just try your own :)

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